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Dr. Biscet Speaks From a Cuban prison

June 1, 2003.

I find myself in the maximum security prison Kilo Cinco y Medio in the province of Pinar del Rio. I was brought here on April 23 along with three dissidents: Hector Palacios and Pepito and Nelson Molinet. We arrived around five in the afternoon and were transferred from Villa Marista, the general headquarters of the political police in the city of Havana, in a van under the custody of two State Security vehicles.    

From the very beginning I refused to wear the prisoner's uniform since it offends my dignity as an innocent citizen. Besides, I do not accept the title of "mercenary" imposed upon us nor do I accept the fraudulent trial conducted by Torquemada.

In the presence of these allegations and my peaceful stance of non cooperation, the prison guards proceeded to undress me and force me to wear the prisoner's uniform against my will, though I must clarify they did not physically beat me. Later, they took away all my personal belongings including my underwear and led me to a dark and dirty cell with the only ventilation consisting of the soot and petroleum smoke coming from the prison kitchen.

I remained confined in this cell until May 29 with two criminals. I had to keep the prisoner uniform's shorts on since I have always been a decorous individual and would never appear nude in public. I became disoriented in time, unable to read or write, only aware of where I was and the space I occupied. My blood pressure went up. I became conscious of this when I took my pulse and when my gums bled.

Presently I am isolated in a small cell with minimal living conditions, though somewhat better since the sun comes in and not the petroleum from the prison kitchen. Presently I am calmer given that the blows against the door and the prisoners' screams are only heard occasionally. For several days I have been sleeping on a cement slab to which I'm becoming accustomed and will thus probably not request a mattress any more.

I received the first supply of personal toiletries on May 29th. Letters and family pictures, including those personal belongings I brought have not been handed to me. Today, a State Security Official informed me I could write to my family and, it seems, he will give orders so that my possessions are given to me.

Not only do I believe - I can assure you that it was more than a torture to remain 37 days in hell. However, God never abandoned me since he sent me His word: a Bible, through another prisoner. Presently I do not receive newspapers nor am I permitted to have a radio or watch television. I am unaware of any piece of news about my country or the world. I am forced not to see my family. Though I am isolated, I vow that in my mind and my heart my family has been and is always present, particularly my wife, Elsa Morejon, about whom I heard news of her frequent trips here to the prison and the dignity she has displayed demanding my rights.

I say to my brothers in exile, the international community and the Cuban people that I feel kidnapped only for defending the right to life and the right of all Cubans to live in freedom. REMEMBER I WILL NEVER BETRAY A JUST CAUSE: THAT OF DEFENDING HUMAN RIGHTS. Please, do not ask me to do this. What inspires me is alive: God and the great teachers of nonviolence, present today more than ever.

As Martin Luther King said: "If a nation is capable of finding amongst its ranks of people 5% willing to go voluntarily to prison for a cause they consider just, then no obstacle will stand in their way."

Warm regards and may God bless all of you.

President of the Lawton Foundation
for Human Rights and prisoner of conscience
Testimony given via telephone by Elsa Morejon from Cuba
Recorded, transcribed and translated to English
Coalition of Cuban-American Women//LAIDA CARRO.
Email: Joseito76@aol.com



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