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Some Articles of our Objectives

Article 2. -This foundation will be guided by our national apostle, Jose Marti’s principles and ideals of independence, democracy, political and economic freedom, that is "with everyone and for the good of every one" Republic of Cuba. Therefore, the primary goals are as follows:

A. Let the "Unique Marti’s ideals" be known, not to use for our benefit, but to use as a doctrine, because Marti is on our side and he teaches us the way.

B. Unite efforts to promote a multiple party society, democracy, freedom and Cuba’s independence, always preaching Marti’s example.

C. Create an adequate working environment and provide the experience which will aid the moral, political and economic evolution of Cuba for it to develop its industry, mainly its agriculture, and for Cuba to trade with all the world and not with a part of the world, as Marti dreamed.

D. Promote political and economic ideas for the decentralization of the Cuban economy pursuant to the guidelines of the world economy.

E. Promote a rapid change in way of life for the Cuban population, without discrimination of any kind and without useless sacrifices.

F. Promote the reunification of Cuban families and promote the democratic unity of Cubans residing in Cuba and those in exile without taking revenge for old debts.

Article 3. -This foundation is created with the effort of all Cubans and Canadians with progressive ideas. It will be represented by the Cuban community of newcomers, political prisoners recently released from Cuban jails due to the effort of the government of Canada. We also welcome friends of Cuba and Canadian citizens, as well as those who are willing to work for a better Cuba to join this foundation.

Article 7. - The foundation will respect and contribute to the dialogue among those people, groups, and committees, which respect and contribute to the frank dialogue and friendship in every part of the world.

Article 10. - The Cuban-Canadian Foundation is non profit organization and it intends to provide assistance to the Cuban community in exile, the political prisoners in Cuba, the Cuban people and the transition to democracy in Cuba and will accept contributions and donations from those interested. The foundation will fight against corruption, racism, violence, opportunism, political rivalry or any other trend, which can be damaging to our public image. It will follow the statutes passed by the board of directors, Vice-presidents and its mandate.


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