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Challenging Castro  

CBC Sunday producer dressed like a homeless man to slip past the surveillance of Cuban authorities and interview Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas. Sardiñas is Cuba's number one political activist, who lives under the constant threat of arrest. As Cuban President Raul Castro talks about a new era of freedom, we bring you the real story of how dissidents are treated - and we ask why Payá has a problem with Canadian tourists...


Group Calls on Canada to Stop Supporting Cuban Regime

Ottawa--A small group of Cuban expatriates and their supporters who gathered on Parliament Hill Saturday rejected the new leadership of Raoul Castro and accused the Canadian government of being an enabler of the communist regime in Cuba...


Pretesters demand release of Cuban prisoners

"Let my people go!" That was the message delivered by dozens of protesters in front of the Cuban embassy. They rallied to demand that the Cuban government release 75 dissidents who are currently serving lengthy jail terms in Cuba.


Freedom for Alejandro Merchan who was Kidnapped in Cuba
Alejandro Merchán
After eight days of a protest demonstration in front of the Consulate of Cuba in Montreal to demand freedom for Alejandro Merchan Llano, the nine-year-old child that has been kidnapped in Cuba, the Cuban Officers at the Consulate are not giving any sign of understanding the issue. Last Saturday afternoon there was a larger concentration of demonstrators carrying signs with photographs and text. They realized that the sign "Consulate of Cuba”, that had been before on the building, was now missing!
CCF campaign     
 Alejandro's case happy ending

Communism has its own people  (by Ismael Sambra)

After being in contact with many communists for long years, I have arrived to the conclusion that the communist system has its own people. Having lived under such a government may have given one the right to speak about it with more knowledge and authority than those who, having not experienced it, contend that communism is good.
Declaration of the Cuban Canadian Foundation on behalf of Cuban dissidents
Cuba's Communist government has given another sample of its ruthless dictatorial methods, establishing once more that the repression in Cuba has in fact remained unchanged for 44 years. Those who think that Fidel Castro has any intention of stopping his abuses or letting the Cuban people enjoy the freedoms he suppressed, are deluding themselves.

Canada adds to the protests against the abuses of Fidel Castro
The past Friday 23 of May was celebrated in the city of Toronto the political-cultural event "Free Speech" in commemoration of the 108 anniversary of the death of Jose Martí and the 101 of the independence of Cuba. The program included...


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