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Canada adds to the wave of protests against the abuses of Fidel Castro

The past Friday 23 of May was celebrated in the city of Toronto the political-cultural event "Free   Speech" in commemoration of the 108 anniversary of the death of Jose Martí and the 101 of the   independence of Cuba. The program included: a painting exhibition of young Cuban painter Maurice Sambra, graduated of the School of Art, a conference on "Jose Marti: Spiritual Yogi " given by the Yoga Master Roberto Sablon, a magic act by magician Alberto and the launching of the book-essay The Unique Jose Marti, main opponent to Fidel Castro, by its author Ismael Sambra, who in addition is   founder and present president of the Cuban Canadian Foundation, organization that sponsored the   event in coordination with the Hispanic Centre. The location of the event was in the Hispanic Centre.

Free Speech Event

During the celebration the regime of Fidel Castro was condemned because of  its abuses and the recent  imprisonments of 78 independent journalists and activists of human rights, as well as the execution of "the three black guys" that tried to escape from Cuba, well-known already  internationally like the island-jail.

It was distributed among the presents, copies of the “Declaration of the Cuban Canadian  Foundation in Defense of the Cuban Dissidents ”, which had been sent to the Canadian government and other world-wide organizations in passed days and now it will be resend with the backup of many signatures of the participants in the event, originating from different countries.

In one of the paragraphs of the Declaration its expressed: "As Cuban Canadians and thousands of Canadians that support our fight, we requested to Canada to bet to the future of Cuba and not to its actual dictatorial... Therefore we do not think that reasons exist to improve the relations with the past, because Fidel Castro is the past."

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